The Firm

Based in Nicosia, a premier tax firm that exclusively practising in the field of Cyprus and international tax.


Based in Nicosia, we are an international tax firm. Although Taxand Cyprus was formed in 2006, we have over 40 years of experience as tax advisers. We are affable and approachable, work hard for our clients and aim to provide the highest possible quality of services in all areas of Cyprus and international taxation.

We have achieved extraordinary results for our clients in some of the most important cases in Cyprus. The team commit themselves to tax services and no audit or other legal services are offered by the partners. We believe that tax law is one of the most complicated areas of law with constant changes, both at a domestic and international level. Therefore, a genuine expertise and commitment is required.

The firm has a unique position in the Cyprus market since it has 40+ years of tax expertise combined with partners who have graduated from leading Universities such as Oxford and Vienna in tax law, all under the one roof.

Our values can be summarized in the following sentence: “We believe in the application of the law. Citizens should never have to pay any more taxes than those obliged to by the law.” As an international tax firm, we abide to these values.

The firm also releases its monthly critical tax newsletter.

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