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Every M&A deal has tax implications. Many create tax opportunities that organisations overlook in the rush to get the deal done. Taxand’s global team of M&A tax specialists provide proactive advice throughout the lifecycle of your investments.

Covering the full range of M&A

Our M&A tax services are grounded in your business objectives. Why you need to restructure or pursue a merger or acquisition, for example, determines how those deals must be carried out. We work toward your goals teaming up with other specialists identifying opportunities, assisting with deal negotiations and helping manage the entire process from a tax perspective. Our commitment to responsiveness ensures that we—and you—keep up with the extremely rapid pace of  acquisitions, disposals, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, IPOs and refinancing arrangements.

From start to finish

We have the expertise and capacity to support you at every stage of the M&A process from a tax perspective: carrying out the necessary tax due diligence; conceptualising flexible, tax compliant structures that optimise your investment while ensuring smooth implementation and management; and completing the tax-related and post-deal activities. Our independence advantage means we can act quickly to deliver the answers you need and avoid audit-based conflicts. Our global capability allows us to look outside the local context to achieve the results you need.

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